Our Philosophy


  • To serve delicious food that meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality and combines both modern-creative and traditional styles of cooking
  • To consistently provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity in our work
  • To create a methodology which is comprehensive and exceptional in its attention to every detail of operation
  • To provide all who work with us a friendly, cooperative and rewarding environment which encourages long- term, satisfying, growth employment


  • Our vision entails developing and nurturing long term relationships with our valued customers by providing consistent food services at every event
  • To be the Food specialist that best understands and satisfies every aspect of the customers requirements emphasizing on every detail of the event

Our Values

  • Positive attitude and environment builds ownership, responsibility and result orientation amongst team members
  • Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our business
  • Simple and practical business processes lead to effective systems and solutions

From the Directors Desk

Dear Valued Guest

We wanted to take this opportunity to announce the successful launch of International Food Company ("IFC") in the city of Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Thriving in this increasingly global world, with many cultures to consider, we recognize the need for diversity in cuisine. At IFC, we bring various cuisines from different parts of the country and across the world under one roof, with a sole aim of offering an end-to-end culinary experience to our clients. Food quality, flavor and presentation are the hallmarks of International Food Company. A team of corporate chefs with over twenty-five years of experience and a production unit to ensure all aspects of the food experience are perfectly executed, we believe IFC is the “One Stop Shop” for your next event!

Our journey began approximately seven years ago as we ventured into the industry by introducing Little Italy, an Italian restaurant, to the city of Vadodara. In the span of the next four years, we were involved in successfully launching Mainland China, a Times award winning restaurant, in the city of Ahmedabad and Vadodara, and Italian Junction in Ahmedabad.

Every event is special, and our goal at IFC is to make it unforgettable. Our domestic cuisines include food from Hyderabad, Delhi, Agra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and North Indian. Our international list of cuisines covers Oriental food including Chinese, Burmese, Thai, Mongolian, and Japanese among many others.

Our continuing dedication to exceptional service, delicious food and attention to detail will ensure and established our reputation in the Gujarat region. Despite our success and growth within the restaurant industry, IFC has held on to its founding core values, which include providing exceptional customer service, one client at a time. We believe our passionate pursuit of these values has set us apart and made us what we are today.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future and helping you plan your next BIG event.